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Derek Dean

Owner, BBQ Renegade
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The word “Renegade” can be defined many ways.  But, for Founder and Executive Chef, Derek Dean, “an individual who rejects conventional behavior” is what puts the “Renegade” in BBQ Renegade.  The BBQ part, well……you get the point.In 2020, Derek’s desire for a nice, successful career in sales was overtaken by his passion of sharing his love of finely smoked meats, made and paired with the finest ingredients.

After two years of double-digit growth, Derek welcomed two full-time professionals also looking to reject the conventional behavior of a life in middle-management, Andrew English and Kyle Rose, to BBQ Renegade.  Now, this trio of renegades is out to share their passion with you.

No matter how unconventional the means, BBQ Renegade will share their passion to provide the best food, the best service, and the best experience you’ve ever had.  Every. Single. Time.

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